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亲民网_亲近民生网罗天下事!文章导读:【趣味双语丨今天是美国的“黑色星期五”,你知道它的由来吗?k in热点新闻-】来源:天学网教育 当我们收获着“双十一”狂欢购物节的“战利品”时,美国人也迎来了这个被叫做“黑色星期五”的采购日。没错,就是今天——感恩...




A Day to Shop


Often referred to as Black Friday in the US, the Friday after Thanksgiving marks the start of the Christmas and holiday shopping season, during which crowds of consumers are drawn to retailers offering special deals.


Some people use this day to make trips to see family members or friends who live in other areas or to go on vacation. Others use it to start shopping for the Christmas season. Shopping for Christmas presents is also popular on Black Friday. Many stores have special offers and lower their prices on some goods, such as toys.


About Black Friday


According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the day after Thanksgiving has been called Black Friday since at least the early 1960s.


One theory is that the term Black Friday comes from an old way of recording business accounts. Losses were recorded in red ink and profits in black ink. Many businesses, particularly small businesses, started making profits prior to Christmas. Many hoped to start showing a profit, marked in black ink, on the day after Thanksgiving Day.


However, the black ink explanation is probably not the origin of the term. The more likely story is that ‘Black Friday’ started out as a joking reference to how bad the traffic would be on this day. Due to the influx of enthusiastic shoppers into city centers, the congestion was the worst that it would be all year.


Early citations in the OED indicate that the term may have originated among police officers and bus drivers, who no doubt would have dreaded this traffic heavy day. The use of this term seems to have started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, before spreading to other areas of the country.



Black Eye Friday


In the United Kingdom, Black Friday was a historic nickname within the emergency services for the last Friday before Christmas, as this is the most popular night for office Christmas parties, which consequently makes it one of the busiest nights in the year for ambulances and the police.


The Friday is referred to as Black Eye Friday, due to extremely high number of fights that break out in bars, pubs and clubs in some areas.


In 2013, it started to be named Mad Friday, probably to avoid confusion with the American shopping phenomena at the end of November called Black Friday, as this began to be adopted by many UK retailers.



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